At our annual Elementary Business Meeting in January, we discussed and voted on many issues.  Some involve changes that are immediate, and I have listed those below.  Please take note of these changes (in red) and make plans now to accommodate them:

Effective for the upcoming 2017 Children’s All State Chorus, all audition registrations will be entered electronically using FormStack.
FormStack allows teachers to input all information online, including uploading their student’s recording.  Tutorials will be available here to help teachers understand how to use the new system by mid-July.  NO CDs WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR THE 2016-2017 ALL STATE CHILDREN’S CHORUS AUDITIONS! 

The benefits of this new system are threefold:

  1. This benefits students: No more CDs that will not play despite multiple attempts, which results in all students’ auditions being adjudicated. This has not been the case in the past, due to technological difficulties and deficiencies, and despite every effort being made on the part of chairs and judges.
  2. This benefits teachers:  No more forgetting to include your NAfME card or other required information!  The form will not submit until all fields have been entered.  No more lines at the post office and postage fees!  No more burning CDs!
  3. This benefits All State Chairs: No more hours and hours of endless data entry, calling and emailing for missing information, and huge stacks of CDs around the house.  FormStack collates all data into a spreadsheet, and chairs will have edited spreadsheets that include recordings and names (but not schools) for judges to use on judging day.

Fees will be mailed to the All-State Co-Chairs.  There is no need to use registered mail, but it WILL have to be post-marked by the deadline.

Effective for the upcoming 2017 Children’s All State Chorus, all audition practice tracks will be performed by an actual voice instead of an electronic keyboard.

In addition, the harmonic section of the audition (“loo” section in parallel thirds) will change each year.  The harmonic singing will be selected by the committee of Past Chairs using examples from years’ past.

Policy Regarding OCDA
Students who audition for both OkMEA Children’s All State Chorus and OCDA Junior High All State Chorus are no longer permitted to participate in both choirs.  If selected for both Children’s and Junior High All State Choruses, the student will participate in Junior High chorus, and an alternate will be called for Children’s Chorus.  Students who are bumped from Children’s to sing in Junior High will receive a refund of their audition fee.

If you will click “Follow” on the right-hand side of your screen and provide your email address, you will receive an email update every time a change is made to the site.  This will ensure that you do not miss ANY important information.

Questions?  Concerns?  Do not hesitate to contact us anytime!

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